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Dog Needle Felting Kit
Dog Needle Felting Kit
Dog Needle Felting Kit
Dog Needle Felting Kit
Dog Needle Felting Kit
Juniper Earth

Dog Needle Felting Kit

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This cute little guy was inspired by the creators favorite TV dog, "Eddie" from Frasier. Jack Russell terriers are hilarious --they will always steal the show! Create your very own doggy with this DIY Needle Felting Kit.

Needle felting is one of the best crafts out there -- so easy to learn with endless possibilities to show your creativity. Fuzzytail Felting Craft Kits comes adorably packaged in a handy resealable bags to help keep things together while working on your needle felted animal. The directions in our kits are easy enough for beginners to follow but would be a fun project for experienced fiber artists as well. Treat yourself to a fun project!

● Complete step-by-step directions & pattern for 1 adorable dog ~3” long x 1.5” tall
● 2 Glass eyes
● Beautiful 100% wool in all needed colors

● 1 Durable, long-lasting 5”x 6” high density felting foam pad (better than "charcoal foam")

● 4 Color-coded felting needles to give you ultimate flexibility with your projects
- 1 coarse needle (36 gauge triangle) to quickly start your sculpture
- 2 medium all-purpose needles (38 triangle & 38 star) for overall shaping
- 1 fine needle (40 triangle) for small details and surface finishing

● Needle chart explaining needle sizes and appropriate usage

● Needle case to store your needles safely

● A handy starter guide to walk you through needle felting techniques, answering questions like "What kind of wool is best?" or "How do I properly use felting needles?" This guide will also teach you how to sculpt the basic shapes that are the building blocks of any needle felting project.

Kristen of Fuzzy Tail Creations designs and assembles all of the kits herself in her home in Honolulu, Hawaii.


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